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A day in the life of… Julien, Digital Business Analyst

by Claudia Arena on 28 Aug 2019

What’s it like working at Riverflex? Curious to know more about our responsibilities and day to day tasks? Meet Julien, our first Digital Business Analyst.

“A Day In The Life Of…” is the series where you get to meet the Riverflex core team. From our background and interests to our day to day activities, get a glimpse into the life of a young consultancy!

Julien is our Digital Business Analyst in the Amsterdam office. After working with us as an intern for three months in spring, he started a full-time position in summer. He finished his studies with a Master’s degree in CEMS International Management and Business Innovation.

So, Julien – when did you join Riverflex?

After a study term in Japan and Switzerland, I was looking for an internship abroad as a last requirement of my Master’s degree. This was at the very beginning of 2019. In March, I became part of the Riverflex team and, since then, I’ve massively expanded my knowledge of both the startup and consulting world.

After my 3 month internship with Riverflex, I couldn’t bring myself to leave already and took on the role of Riverflex’s first analyst. Joining such a young consulting company has been absolutely great, and full of responsibility and excitement! Being in consulting, it’s great to see how your team is helping shape the digital future of clients. Next to that, being part of a small team, I love that I’m able to influence and define processes, and I can take part in major decisions. Next to that, it’s such a privilege being able to work in a wonderful city like Amsterdam and biking to work every day!

Commuting by bike for about 50 minutes per day compensates at least a part of my visits to the many great restaurant and bars that Amsterdam has to offer.

Riverflex’s motto is “consulting done differently”. How do you try to do things differently in your line of work?

I think what Riverflex is saying with this slogan is that we are not applying old thinking to new problems. Whatever the challenge might be, there is a smarter way to do things and we shouldn’t stick to old, traditional methods. In my own line of work, I feel like I’m working very differently compared to past internships at bigger corporates. I like that I can be playful and creative with my work, this freedom gives me to opportunity to do more and better work every day. For example, you’ll often find me laying in the hammock while fixing PowerPoint slides. Or adding up nice touches of colors to my slides. Recently, at a client workshop, we used gifs in one of the presentations to loosen up the atmosphere.

For me, this kind of environment promotes a free mindset, makes work more enjoyable and enables you to form closer ties to your colleagues.

And for the key question – what’s a typical day in your life like?

Thinking of my last few weeks at work, I don’t think there’s one type of day I’ve had. I’m always working on different projects, topics, and locations. That’s the beauty of working for a startup!

My favorite days are those spent on client projects. Mostly I wake up on my bike ride to work and get behind the shared desk at 9am to start planning my tasks for the day with Trello (a digital task management tool). Once my day is organized, I might start fixing a PowerPoint deck for an upcoming design sprint or ExCo session. In between, there might be some recruitment or business development tasks coming up.

After a lunch on our balcony watching over the canals of Amsterdam, I move to one of our plant-filled call booths to catch-up with colleagues dialing in from abroad. These conversations provide me with guidance on how to finalize material or on how to proceed with my next tasks – which often includes doing research or preparing other deliverables.

Often, my laid-out plan for the day changes completely since we’re working in a small team at a startup, where everyone takes on multiple responsibilities. For example, one day I had planned to do market research… but then ended up walking through Amsterdam with eight 2x2m foam boards, where I documented my research. For some, this might sound exhausting, but this environment of changing tasks, responsibilities, and outlooks nurtures my inspiration and aspirations. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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