Do change differently

Location – free business

We help you transform your business into a digital “location-free” organisation by creating a virtual office!

Do change differently

Location – free business

We help you transform your business into a digital “location-free” organisation by creating a virtual office!

Future proof your business and accelerate the digital transformation of your organisation. Get your people and partners to effectively transition to a virtual office for more flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Create a modern and forward-thinking culture and work environment that retains and attracts talent.

Take advantage of the re-defined way of working and communicating in the digital age.

We can help you navigate through your transition in the digital age with a mix of hands-on, quick-fix support and enabling a vision for your future virtual office. We have the expertise to release your business from location related barriers and empower your functions to do business as usual and above and beyond expectations.

Our solution packages can be tailored to match the needs of any industry varying from healthcare and retail to media, communications and technology providers.


What we can do for you now:

  • We help you identify the types of interactions and engagements and migrate them into virtual environments using digital solutions
  • We enable you to implement the most suitable tools and provide you with the relevant skillset to empower your teams to excel in this new situation
  • We support you throughout the transitioning process in order to build your confidence on this new way of performing your tasks


Our solution packages & services:

Solution package 1

Continue business as usual “moving” into your virtual office. We help you to continue doing business as usual by providing you with all the tools and guidance to run all your critical business meetings virtually. We recommend and set up software and tools depending on your needs and the type of meeting you need to run (such as employee all hands, decision making, team collaboration, workshops). We provide you with a personalized manual and playbook supporting your team to run sessions internally as well as with clients and partners with confidence.

4- simple steps method to set up your virtual office:
  1. Identify your needs e.g. collaborative workshops, meetings with more than 10 attendees
  2. Identify the tools that would serve best your needs reviewing existing software and solutions e.g. Mural, zoom pro, GoToMeeting, etc.
  3. Support you and your team throughout the implementation phase
  4. Run tests with you and your team in order to run the business as usual as confident as before


Solution package 2

Run successful virtual events and conferences with larger audiences forgetting about location barriers. We help you to plan and run your events and conferences virtually by translating them into digital formats. We perform a detailed assessment of your requirements and the type, purpose, and size of the event you want to run (such as conferences, training sessions, etc.). We develop a tailored approach and design the ideal process and set of tools for your event. We support you with the implementation of the approach and delivery of a successful event (including operations and facilitation).

4- simple steps method to run successfully big virtual events:
  1. Discover your challenges together and unveil the full extent of your challenges
  2. Analyse the situation and identify the real challenges and the goals
  3. Develop a bespoke solution that will fulfill your goals and tackle your challenges successfully
  4. Implement the solution supporting you and your team throughout the process and get your events into the digital space – successfully virtually


We provide you with all the aspects of a personalized holistic offer addressing:

  •  Your People & Culture requirements including upskilling and training your teams
  • Your Infrastructure & Technology needs providing you and your teams with all the necessary tools and methods to navigate through this transition
  •  Your Partner & Client communication demands to enable you to run your business as usual with the same confidence and commercial success

What you gain by getting ready for ‘location free business’ and setting up a virtual office now

  • Secure and achieve your goals by keeping your focus on running your business
  • Keep and increase your teams’ productivity
  • Future proof and transition your business into the digital age
  • Foster a change mindset and cultivate a trusted and forward-thinking culture for your company that will help you maintain and attract high-quality talent
  • Minimize commercial challenges by building the foundation of efficient and cost-effective virtual operations
  • Empowering and enabling your people to do business, as usual, no matter where/when they work

How we do things differently

Independent talent

We cherry pick the best independent professionals to match your needs, blending teams from top consulting firms and blue chip companies. Our independent professionals have strong backgrounds from Tier 1 consulting firms or top industry brands.

Tailored solutions

No cookie cutter solutions. We want to bring a lasting, positive impact to your organisation. To do so, we tailor our approach to your needs, standards and industry best practices. Co-creating real value, in a flexible fit-for-purpose model.

Lean resource model

We only focus on doing our best work for you. There is no army of consultants coming in, we have low overheads - but work and deliver still outcome based. We guarantee to get you top talent and teams to help you achieve your every digital goal.

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