What we do

It’s simple.
We help you solve your business challenges using technology.

We believe that creating great technology solutions requires a combination of diverse specialisms. We are uniquely positioned to merge Design, Software Engineering and Consulting to deliver outstanding results. Design, software engineering and consulting are all crafts that require experience and specialism to excel. Not many people can do more than one well.

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How we work

Our engagement models are flexible and our costs are transparent.

We will generally work with you on a time and materials basis. In our experience this enables flexibility and agility based on learnings throughout the iterative design and delivery process. But if you would like to engage in a different way we are happy to discuss our experience of alternative pricing models and how that could work.​

​Our resources are competitively priced for their experience and seniority compared to traditional providers like System Integrators (e.g. TCS, Cognizant) or consulting firms (e.g. Accenture). Generally our Western Europe rates are between £750 and £1100 per day depending on seniority and experience, and our nearshore rates are £350 to £500 a day.

We can work with you or remotely, and have a lower-cost nearshore engineering capability.

We are currently based in Europe with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Russia. We are experienced in working remotely so can deliver your project from any of our locations.

Our team in Russia is an experienced engineering team with robust onboarding, quality management and delivery processes whilst also being able to provide services at a significantly lower price than in Western Europe.

We also understand that in some instances it make sense to co-locate our team with yours. This may be during particular phases of delivery, or to enable knowledge transfer between teams. Our teams are happy to locate themselves with yours to increase collaboration.

Technology we use

We work with two different “styles” of technology. Lots of our clients sit in one camp or the other. Some utilise both depending on the type of problem they are trying to solve. One isn’t better than the other, it just depends on the context. But in our experience they require different approaches and skillsets. We have them both.

The start-up stack

Heavily centered around technology that is open-source which is more cutting edge, fragmented and experimental.

What are the benefits?

  • Open and flexible
  • Use the “right” tech rather than one vendor
  • Quicker access to innovation
  • Easier to find adaptable polyglot engineers

Examples of what we use

OKTA, Kubernetes, React JS, AWS, GO, Python, Flask, Java 8, Dropwizard, Serverless (Lambda), Mongo db (Atlas)

The corporate stack

Heavily centered around proprietary technology supplied by established tech companies with mature, rationalised and proven offerings.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows use of one ecosystem (e.g. MS, Oracle)
  • Easier to integrate
  • Proven and robust
  • Build on existing corporate skillsets

Examples of what we use

Active Directory, Kubernetes Node JS, Microservices, Azure, .NET, React JS, Mongo db


How we approach technology

We believe in methodologies that foster creativity and lateral thinking, as well as rapid experimentation of hypothesis and assumptions. Approaches like agile and design thinking are simple, but being at good at executing them takes years of practice, which our people have.

Use the Hack & Sprint approach to deliver against business or customer requirements.

Our hack & sprint model

We are leading practitioners in building software at pace to rapidly validate the market or technical feasibility of the solution. And we build it right from the start using approaches like DevOps to make sure that the solutions scales robustly and cost effectively.

Our core services...

Technology & data integration

We can help you build impactful digital products with our “Hack and Sprint” approach to quickly test and scale new ideas with your customers.

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Building great digital products

We can help you build impactful digital products with our “Hack and Sprint” approach to quickly test and scale new ideas with your customers.

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Extracting value from data

We'll help you rapidly analyse data sets and test ideas for how they can be monetised then help you scale.

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