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Become more than a member in our community.

A better way to build your own consulting business. While you focus on winning new business opportunities and delivering best-in-class consulting services, we’ll take care of the rest.

Collaborate with top independent consultants

Join a community with the best digital independents across NL, UK and ES where you can connect, network and share insights.

  • Specific networking events with the Insiders team.
  • Webinar involvement and invitations.
  • Insiders specific communications and channels.
  • Dedicated Riverflex email.
  • Faciliated moments to engage and build content with fellow Insiders.
  • Facilitated moments to share insights, learnings, profiles and thought leadership.

Enhance business growth

Accelerate your business through Riverflex partnerships, funding and resources.

  • Riverflex will invest 5% of the margin from the Insider fees contributed to an Insiders Investment pool by Riverflex.
  • First priority consideration on new account leads and opportunities.
  • Access to growth opportunities such as BYOB and new revenue opportunities through partnerships.

Receive on-demand consulting support services

Receive support from our team whenever you need it including a personalized service to find you the best opportunities & give you the best experience.

  • Priority response from and access to RF Core team to assist where needed.
  • Pro-active solicitation of profiles.
  • Talent engagement conversations. Tell us about your career, skills and ambitions so we know what projects excite you and then help you move in the right direction.

Increase recognition and thought leadership

Differentiate yourself from average independent consultants in the industry by leveraging our brand reputation and marketing capabilities.

  • Leverage the Riverflex brand and credentials to support and promote your offering and solutions.
  • Promotion by Riverflex and other Insiders to create greater awareness of your services & propositions.
  • Engage with best in class consultants and develop thought leadership within your industry.

Shape the future of consulting

Be a part of shaping the development of the Riverflex consulting community and be recognised for it.

  • Get involved in Riverflex business by becoming a mentor and sharing your expertise through interviews, events and webinars with our community.
  • Refer new Insiders who you believe will contribute to the quality of the Insider community.
  • Referral of opportunities and resources.

How you can become an Insider


You sign-up to the Riverflex Platform to become a member. You have a 100% complete profile, which is outstanding.


You are an active member posting job opportunities, referring your peers and leveraging all the features of the platform whilst building your network. You have probably even partnered with Riverflex in delivering projects to our valued clients.


You are then either identified by the Riverflex core team as a potential Insider or referred by one of the current Insider team members. Once identified, you will be invited to an Insiders conversation, and if everything aligns you will be formally invited to join the team.
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